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Flywheel Grinding

Make your Flywheel Surface Like New with an AG Clutch Flywheel Grind

A Vital Step When Replacing Your Clutch Cover or Friction Disc, flywheel grinding resurfaces the friction surface of the flywheel and allows for a better bedding in surface for the friction disc.

Flywheel Grinding

AG Clutch doesn’t just develop and supply a wide variety of clutch kits and components, we also offer services for those looking to have their clutch kit serviced or upgraded. AG Clutch utilises 3 different flywheel grinding machines for resurfacing a wide variety of flywheels. Ensuring that the flywheel has been through the grinding process before re-fitment is absolutely crucial to clutch performance, it will also void your warranty if not completed.

Flywheel grinding allows the friction surface of the clutch to create better contact with the flywheel and removes surface imperfections and height imperfections in the flywheel facing. This procedure is required on any second hand flywheel that is being used again. Unfortunately some flywheels are not able to be ground and require replacement, for this, AG clutch stocks a wide variety of new flywheels to suit numerous applications.

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Australia's largest range of clutch components covering Agricultural, Forklift, Industrial and Marine equipment.

Our friendly staff will help you find the right clutch for your requirements.


In our experience, in regards to agricultural clutches from Australian Clutch, the wide range, comprehensive cataloguing and in depth technical support make it easy in finding the right clutch for the application.  In addition to this, the value and quality in componentry in the AgClutch range gives us the confidence to compete in the market place.

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AG Clutch offers a complete range of new clutches built to the same specification as the original equipment

Australia’s largest range of clutch components covering Agricultural, Industrial, Forklift and Marine Equipment

Call 1800 CLUTCH or Click Here to Contact Us Online Our friendly staff will help you find the right clutch for your requirements

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