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Complete clutch kits

Get the Job Done Right the First Time With AG Clutch’s Range of Complete Clutch Kits

AG Clutch have a comprehensive range of complete clutch kits with everything you need to get the job done right the first time round

Complete Clutch Kits

Replacing a clutch can be a big job. Hours of work are often required to gain access to these components, making it expensive and taking away important time from the operator. Clutch kits are also a wear component and unfortunately if one component needs replacing, it is likely that another will not be far off failure. Therefore, it makes sense to replace the clutch components as a kit.

AG Clutch understands the importance of having your vehicle operating to the best of its ability. We have developed a large range of clutch kits that includes the common components requiring replacement as part of a clutch system overhaul. These kits allow the customer to not only save money on individual components, but also on costly repairs from neglecting to replace worn components in the system.

To see if we list a complete clutch kit for your vehicle or equipment, please visit our catalogue.

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Australia's largest range of clutch components covering Agricultural, Forklift, Industrial and Marine equipment.

Our friendly staff will help you find the right clutch for your requirements.


I use the Ag Clutch online catalogue every day as it is the best on the internet.  The catalogue is great in helping to identify the correct clutch using the pictures and sizing. I am also impressed at the range of models listed and stock availability is excellent. Keep up the great work as market leader.

Steve Gibb
Carters Clutch and Brake

AG Clutch offers a complete range of new clutches built to the same specification as the original equipment

Australia’s largest range of clutch components covering Agricultural, Industrial, Forklift and Marine Equipment

Call 1800 CLUTCH or Click Here to Contact Us Online Our friendly staff will help you find the right clutch for your requirements

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