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ACS Launches New Website

April 01, 2015

ACS Launches New Website

02 June, 2015

Australian Clutch Services has recently introduced a new website to improve efficiencies and become more user-friendly. ACS has worked hard to ensure that the new website has the most up to date and comprehensive technical information database available for consumers which they have called Clutch Tech. ACS has provided Tech Bulletins, product design variations, articles on how clutches work, common terminology and diagnostic information. Also included in Clutch Tech is a new video series that highlights some of the common topics and procedures that both professional workshops and DIY mechanics experience on a regular basis including basic gearbox cleaning and lubrication through to complete installation guides for new clutch kits. Currently, ACS has completed videos explaining gearbox cleaning and lubrication, Clutch fork installation, checking clutch suitability, Nissan bearing press tool, Subaru gearbox repair sleeve installation and clutch to flywheel mounting procedure among others. “The goal of clutch tech is to improve efficiencies for workshops and DIY mechanics who use our products” says Brenton Jordan, Managing Director of Australian Clutch Services. “By investing in the development of these technical videos, we are able to provide information to the consumer through a more efficient and effective method”.
The videos have also been made available through Auto I making ACS the first to adopt this technology in the Auto I program. “Having the videos available on the ACS Online Catalogue was an absolute must for us to ensure that the information reaches the final consumer. Customers can now watch these videos as they are searching for components allowing them to see the processes for installation before purchasing the product” Says Brenton Jordan.
Australian Clutch Services intends on continuing to invest in this technology to ensure the maximum amount of information is available to the consumer. The Clutch Tech Section can be accessed now on the Australian Clutch Services website  or on the Australian Clutch Services YouTube page

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Australia's largest range of clutch components covering Agricultural, Forklift, Industrial and Marine equipment.

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In our experience, in regards to agricultural clutches from Australian Clutch, the wide range, comprehensive cataloguing and in depth technical support make it easy in finding the right clutch for the application.  In addition to this, the value and quality in componentry in the AgClutch range gives us the confidence to compete in the market place.

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AG Clutch offers a complete range of new clutches built to the same specification as the original equipment

Australia’s largest range of clutch components covering Agricultural, Industrial, Forklift and Marine Equipment

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